prevailing wage ordinance

Prevailing Wage Ordinance Stopped

I’m happy to end the week by delivering positive news. The recently proposed Prevailing Wage ordinance was dealt a major setback at the City Council meeting on July 1st. Defeated by a one-vote margin, it may return depending on the results of the upcoming elections in November. But for now we have forestalled the attempts to pass this ill-considered policy that would have imposed enormous administrative costs on subcontractors.

We and our allies could not have done this without your engagement, and we thank you for contacting your elected officials—and for submitting official comments into the City Council record. If you haven’t done so already, we ask that you support our continued vigilance on your behalf. Join or renew your membership with ASA today, and register your support for our grassroots action group, Arizonans for Fair Contracting.

Finally, please take time to thank the members of the Council who stood with subcontractors and the construction industry:

Debra Stark

Jim Waring

Michael Nowakowski

Thelda Williams

Sal DiCiccio

Have a great weekend!


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