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Last year, Arizona’s construction industry worked hand in hand with Senate President Karen Fann to pass SB 1271.

This landmark legislation established proportional liability in residential construction projects, and brought an end to the inherently unfair risk-shifting practices that Arizona contractors have struggled with for decades. SB 1271 also ensures that homeowners with construction defects get the repairs they need. In other words, the law is finally in line with the concept that if “You Break It, You Bought It.”

But, the construction defect attorneys have returned, and they are attacking what we accomplished last year through new legislation: HB 2477.

HB 2477, introduced by Representative Kevin Payne (Republican – Legislative District 21, Peoria), would remove the requirement for construction defect attorneys to comply with the Right to Cure statutes before filing a lawsuit. The bill would also make it difficult, if not impossible, to obtain an award of attorneys fees on frivolous claims.

Good for lawyers, bad for contractors.

Arizonans for Fair Contracting is asking for your help in defending SB 1271, and pushing back against the construction defect attorneys who want to push you back into the courtroom.

Tell Representative Payne you OPPOSE HB 2477!

  • Email Representative Payne: kpayne@azleg.gov
  • Call Representative Payne: 602-926-4854

Arizonans for Fair Contracting

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