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The American Subcontractors Association of Arizona (ASA) partners with other construction trade association on advocacy efforts through Arizona State Contractors Coalition (ASCC) on behalf of the construction industry and specialty contractors statewide. Our goal is to improve and safeguard the business environment for companies like yours throughout Arizona - protecting our rights, including the right to get paid, lien rights, and fair risk transfer.

In order to work most effectively on your behalf we need your assistance. Your voice IS your vote. State leaders, including legislators in the Arizona State Senate and House of Representatives are influenced by the voters, their constituents - YOU. You can make your voice heard by signing up to be a member of the Arizona State Contractors Coalition Legislative Action Team, and by encouraging co-workers, employees, family and friends to do the same. There is no cost; this is not a donation request.

Here's how your participation supports our efforts:

  • Enrollment allows the coalition to keep you informed of current issues and bills before the Legislature.
  • There is strength in numbers. By adding your voice the construction community becomes stronger a whole.
  • Sharing your personal information allows you to be identified by your home legislative district and counted as an ASCC and ASA supporter in your Legislator's district - they listen to their constituent voter base - YOU.

(Your personal information is never shared or sold and will be used solely for the stated advocacy purposes.)

For more information on the Arizona State Contractors Coalition, contact us.

ASCC Enrollment

You can enroll by filling out the form below. Forms a can also be downloaded for duplication and used as payroll stuffers or distributed during company meetings. If you have questions regarding ASA's advocacy efforts or ASCC activities, please contact us.


ASA of Arizona represents the voice of Arizona's subcontractors statewide and with local, city and county agencies to promote legislation beneficial to subcontractors and defeat legislation that is harmful to the subcontracting industry.

The Association, both in Arizona and nationwide, is dedicated to protecting the rights of each and every specialty contractor and supplier. Each legislative session ASA sends a strong message to Arizona lawmakers about the important issues your business faces every day. The association has been and continues to be active in promoting prompt payment, indemnity and risk transfer reform, retention issues, and lien rights through its active legislative committees, professional lobbyists, Political Action Committee and Copper Club members, and by participating in legislative conferences and the Arizona State Contractors Coalitions.

ASA of Arizona has been working since 1984 on statewide legislative issues that positively influence our the construction industry. The association has worked hard and has seen many victories as a result of our influence in the state. ASA of Arizona maintains registered lobbyist(s) and mobilizes dedicated member volunteers to assist in furthering the collective efforts of the construction industry professionals in our state. The association has won several awards for our efforts on behalf of the specialty contracting constituents in Arizona.

**Arizona's Prompt Payment Resolution - Legislation "Modeled" Nationwide Signed into Law April 2001**

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