Frequently Asked Questions – The ASA Health & Wellness Benefits Program

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Q: What is the ASA Health & Wellness Benefits Program?

It is a combination of health benefits that Employers can offer to their employees as ASA Members at better rates than they would get on the street.

There are a number of insurance companies that are participating by offering negotiated discounts and preferred underwriting through our endorsed broker for this program.

Q: What does the ASA Health & Wellness Benefits Program Consist Of?

  • Major Medical Benefits offered with preferred rating, underwriting and participation provisions provided by the following carriers:
    Humana and EMI Health with the Blue Cross Blue Shield or Cigna National Network.
  • MEC Plans offered by Redirect Health and EMI
  • GAP Plans offered by Transamerica and Beazley
  • Telehealth Plans offered by Healthiest You and MD Live
  • Dental Vision and Life Plans offered by Humana, EMI, Principal, Guardian, and Met Life
  • Accident, Critical, Cancer and Disability Plans offered by Aflac
  • Full Compliance & Benefits Administration facilitated by Employee Navigator and offered by Brown & Brown Insurance at no cost to our members.
  • On-line Enrollment and HRIS services facilitated by Employee Navigator and offered by Brown & Brown Insurance at no cost to our members.
  • Customized Employee Benefits communication suites offered to every employer group for all benefits offered in the ASA Benefits program. This includes Benefit Booklets (designed & printed), presentations (designed & delivered) and full narration Brainshark presentations viewable on smartphones via URL interface.
  • Partially Self-Funded solutions and comprehensive underwriting analysis with claims data tools available to groups with over 100 employees is provided by Brown & Brown Insurance at no cost to our members.

Q: What do I need to do to get a quote or proposal of the ASA Health & Wellness Benefits Program options for my company?

  • Call (877) 822-4571 or Email to: and let our Broker Partner know that you are interested in finding out more and getting a proposal with the ASA discounted rates.
  • They will provide you with a more in-depth overview of the program if needed while providing a list of the items they will need to get the ASA rates from the insurance companies.
  • The required items will include your Eligible Employee Census and then your Current Plan Summaries and Rates if you currently have an in-force benefits plan.
  • If you are just getting started and don’t yet have a plan, then just the Census or Individual Medical Questionnaires (if you have less than 26 employees) is all they will need.

Q: Who is the Broker Partner for the ASA Health & Wellness Benefits Program?

Our Exclusive Broker Partner – is Ben at Brown & Brown Insurance. Brown & Brown is the 6th largest insurance brokerage intermediary in the United States with over $2 Billion if annual revenue. Additionally, Ben has brought us this comprehensive solution after many years of involvement with the ASA to help provide even more cost saving value to our members we work together to help you grow and be more profitable. For questions you can reach Carol directly at (480) 385-8477 or email Carol at

Q: How Long Does it Take to Get a Quote or Proposal?

After providing the required information to our Broker Partner, you will have the complete quote and comprehensive proposal of all your carrier options, quoted rates and improved broker services within 7 Days of less.

ASA Health and Wellness FAQs

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