Celebrating Rita of L & L Asphalt, LLC.

Good Afternoon,

I hope you are having a great week, and we have news that will make it even better! Here at ASA, we try to find times to celebrate our members who go above and beyond not only for ASA but in business as well. It is our honor to announce that Rita Lawrence of L & L Asphalt, LLC. has been given a Lifetime Membership opportunity with ASA of Arizona, and we are delighted to announce that she has accepted. When we hear ASA Diva, I think it is safe to say that we are all talking about Rita. She has spent years working hard as the owner and manager of her company and has seen all of the highs and lows along the way. One thing that can be said about Rita is that no matter what she is doing, she does it well!

As a member of ASA, Rita has been a part of it all. She has been an active board member for years, an avid sponsor of events, a supporter of advocacy, and of course, a leader in the membership committee where it is her main goal to bring in as many members to ASA as she can. Rita carries ASA information with her wherever she goes and will only do business with other members of ASA. She is known as “Mama Bear” in the office at L & L because they can approach her with anything, and they know she will be there to help along the way. Rita has seen many changes in the 19 years that she has been in business and is a powerful woman in a generally male-dominated industry. She is an amazing boss lady, and we could not be more proud of all of the fantastic work she has done. She means business, and it is evident in everything that she does. We love you, Rita, and we thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do for ASA of Arizona. We can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Please join us in congratulating Rita Lawrence!


Edel Stein

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