Urgent: Voice Your Support for SB1271 ASAP!

ASA of Arizona

SB1271 will be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM and we urgently need our members and grassroots supporters to voice your support for SB1271 and ask the committee members to support the bill. By the time the hearing convenes in the morning we need YOUR name and company name added to the list of supporters.

How this is accomplished: The Legislature has a “Request to Speak” (RTS) system which allows interested parties to login to the Legislature website and register their position – for, against or neutral – on any bill scheduled for hearing and moving through the legislative process. While it does allow you to request to speak and address the committee during a hearing should you choose, speaking is not necessary. The “Request To Speak” system is wonderfully effective by showing the committee members a list of supporters for a bill. This is what we need – a long list of support names and company names that want to see SB1271 pass and the law changed. Please help us by participating and asking your company employees to participate.

1) If you already have an established account you can simply login using your email and password then follow the directions and search for SB1271.

2) If you do not currently have an account and you are joining us at the Capitol tomorrow morning, you can set up a user account either at the Capitol using one of the RTS kiosks or you can do the initial set up of your account from your home or office then enable the account by logging in at the Capitol. Once the account has been activated on a Capitol kiosk then future use can be initiated either onsite or remotely. If you will be setting up or activating a new account tomorrow morning please arrive early; we will have staff on hand to provide assistance.

3) Your presence at the Capitol is greatly needed tomorrow. However, if you cannot attend in person the next best action is for you to register your position as supporting SB1271 via the RTS system. Our lobbyist team will help establish and activate your account if you send your first and last name and email address to one or more of the following: ilse@demenna.com, nick@demenna.com or john@demenna.com. They will set up and activate your account with a temporary password and email that information to you. You will then be able to login remotely to register your support for SB1271.

Access or Create an Account

How to Use the RTS System

This first hurdle to move SB1271 forward is extremely important. We need your assistance. Each and every voice matters.

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