ASA Advocacy Brief for April 15

It’s official! Last Wednesday was a monumental day for Arizona contractors as Governor Doug Ducey signed SB1271 into law. Industry advocacy, developing consensus bill language and building support for legislation requires countless hours of hard work for the bill sponsor, legislators, and members of industry who volunteer their time and expertise for the betterment of the industry as a whole. We are grateful to Governor Ducey for his support, to President Fann as our bills sponsor and legislative champion, members of the Construction Liability Apportionment Study Committee, members of the Technical Advisory Committee, industry stakeholders, contributors and volunteers who were instrumental in making the passage of SB1271 a reality. Thank you! In the coming weeks we will provide information, FAQs, and education programs on the implementation of this new addition to state senate.

Today marks the 90th day of the legislative session and to date the Legislature has passed 112 of 1,289 bills introduced. The Governor has signed 85 bills and vetoed three, two of which were vetoed just last week. April 23rd will mark the 100th day of session and both Senate and House rules state that session shall adjourn no later than the Saturday following the 100th day (April 27th). The President and the Speaker may extend the session no longer than seven days, after which any further extension requires a majority vote of both chambers.

Here is a sample of bills being tracked by our lobbyist team at DeMenna Public Affairs that were still active as of Friday, April 12th:


Establishes the Technology and Trade Skills Program in the Arizona Commerce Authority to provide grants to qualifying providers that establish new or that enhance existing job training programs that develop the necessary skills and training to prepare persons for careers in high-demand fields. The Authority is required to establish application procedures for grants. The Authority is required to survey the qualifying providers that received grant monies to determine a list of information. Beginning in FY2022-23, by September 1 of each year, the Authority is required to submit survey outcome information to the Governor’s office, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and participating employers. The Program terminates on July 1, 2029. Appropriates $2 million from the general fund in FY2019-20 to the newly established Technology and Trade Skills Fund for the Program.

Sponsor: Rep. Weninger (LD 17)


In addition to the requirement that the offense has a reasonable relationship to job functions, a person may be denied employment by the state, state agencies or political subdivisions due to a prior conviction for a felony or misdemeanor only if the conviction occurred within seven years before the date of employment application, or if the person was convicted of a subsequent offense, whether or not the conviction has a reasonable relationship to the job functions. An agency is permitted to disqualify a person from obtaining a license, permit, certificate or other state recognition for a specified offense only if the conviction occurred within seven years before the date of the petition.

Sponsor: Rep. J. Allen (LD 15)


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