ASA Advocacy Alert: SB1271 Scheduled for House Hearing

ASA of Arizona

We have great news to share! We have received confirmation that SB1271 will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, March 20th at 9:00 AM. The meeting will be held in the House of Representatives in House Hearing Room 4. Here is a link to the agenda: House Judiciary – Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS URGENTLY NEEDED! It is critical for the legislators that serve on this committee to hear from YOU – our members – and our grassroots supporters. Please do everything you can to reach out to the legislators who serve on this committee to express your support for SB1271. I’ve included their contact information below. If you are a constituent – meaning you live or have a business in their legislative district – then please let them know.

It is critical for us to produce as many Request To Speak (RTS) sign ups in support of the bill as possible. We have a very short window of time to register support for the bill. We can continue registering support for the bill up until the date and time of the hearing. To streamline the process for you and others in your company, you can send the names and email addresses of those who wish to be signed up in support of the bill to our lobbyist team at DeMenna Public Affairs (it would be great if you would copy me too). They will create an RTS account on your behalf, and follow up with your login information so you can then remotely change the password. Please don’t hesitate to send names and email addresses to Ryan DeMenna ( or John Baumer ( And feel free to call me if you have questions.

Finally, it is critical for AS MANY AS POSSIBLE to attend this hearing to show legislators our support for SB1271. Members of the Senate have seen how many subcontractors support this legislation. Last session we were able to pack the committee hearing rooms as well as the Senate gallery. Now the House needs to see our grassroots support for the bill! The more subcontractors who attend the hearing the better! And, if possible, please be sure to wear your safety vest or safety colors to help ensure that we stand out. For anyone who can attend, we encourage you to show up early to find parking and have enough time to make it through House security. It will take longer to gain access to the House then it did to access the Senate building.

We appreciate all of your efforts on this legislation! Please keep it up as we are closer than ever to achieving success!

House Judiciary Committee

  • John Allen, Chairman (R – LD 15, Scottsdale), 602-926-4916,
  • Walt Blackman, Vice Chairman (R – LD 6, Snowflake), 602-926-3043,
  • Nancy Barto (R – LD 15, Phoenix), 602-926-5766,
  • Domingo DeGrazia (D – LD 10, Tucson), 602-926-5153,
  • Kirsten Engel (D – LD 10, Tucson), 602-926-5178,
  • Mark Finchem (R – LD 11, Oro Valley), 602-926-3122,
  • Jay Lawrence (R – LD 23, Scottsdale), 602-926-3095,
  • Jennifer Pawlik (D – LD 17, Chandler), 602-926-3193,
  • Bret Roberts (R – LD 11, Maricopa), 602-926-3158,
  • Diego Rodriguez (D – LD 27, Phoenix), 602-926-3285,

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