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ASA of Arizona

We need your assistance!

The recent resignation of Rep. David Stringer (LD1) has brought activity to a halt at the Arizona House of Representatives until a replacement is appointed to fill his vacant seat. There has been extensive press coverage on the controversy surrounding his departure and speculation on who will be appointed to take his place. While that issue is hashed out, we need your assistance in using the lull at the Legislature to press forward with contacting members of the House of Representatives to ask them to support SB1271 when floor action resumes and the bill is presented for a floor vote.

A few minutes of your time to reach out to your two Representatives is all we ask. Whether you choose a phone call or contact via email, please let them know that you are a constituent in their district and ask them to vote YES on SB1271. Let them know that this bill is important because under current Arizona statute if trade contractors are working on a private construction project and one individual makes a mistake, all of the subcontractors can be liable for damages … responsibility should NOT be passed along to contractors who did nothing wrong — that’s just not fair. This risk-shifting practice is already prohibited in public construction project, so the law should measure up for everyone.

House Roster

Look up your legislative district.

IMPORTANT: We also ask that you go online to the Legislature’s “Request to Speak” system (aka RTS) and register your position as being in support of SB1271. You are not required to speak, but adding your name as an industry supporter sends an extremely powerful message to legislators. If you do not have an RTS account already set up, we can provide assistance for you and anyone else in your company that wishes to help support SB1271. ALL WE NEED FROM YOU is first and last name along with an email address for you and anyone else in your company that wants to set up and RTS account. Information on your account will be emailed back to you along with a temporary password. All you will need to do is login to your account, change your password and register your support for SB1271. Questions? Feel free to call our office at (602) 274-8979.

As always your support and assistance in furthering our advocacy efforts is greatly appreciated.

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