ASA Membership Benefits

ASA membership IMMEDIATELY CONNECTS YOU to resources, benefits, and information.

Membership in ASA is organizational. Your ASA membership is open to any employee of your firm and participation by a variety of personnel within your firm is encouraged.

ASA of Arizona, Inc. is an important source of professional growth for construction specialty contractors and suppliers. The American Subcontractors Association is recognized as the united voice dedicated to improving the business environment in the construction industry, and has over 5,500 member companies nationwide.

Through a varied program, ASA provides its members with opportunities to develop their business skills and keep in touch with the latest trends in construction.


Here are a few examples of how ASA membership works for you!!

Subcontractor Advocacy

ASA works at both the Federal and State levels to make the changes necessary to protect subcontractor rights with regard to prompt pay, fair procurement policies, harmful indemnity clauses, retention practices, egregious and abusive contract terms, OSHA rules and economic and tax rules, just to name a few.

Education & Information

A wealth of information and educational opportunities are at your fingertips as an ASA member.

The ASA Learning Network offers:

  • Contractors' Knowledge Bank: Access to hundreds of documents on virtually any topic related to your construction business.
  • Workshops, teleconferences, webinars, annual conferences and seminars sponsored by ASA of Arizona and ASA give members expert information on subjects such as contract negotiations, contract do's and don'ts, avoiding inappropriate risk transfer.
  • Contractors' Knowledge Depot: The online bookstore of the Foundation of the American Subcontractors Association offers product lines on contract resources, legal/claims resources and business management resources.


  • The Advocate quarterly newsletter of ASA of Arizona is your connection to the ongoing activities, advocacy efforts, educational opportunities and information at the Arizona Chapter and National levels.
  • The Contractor's Compass, published by ASA, is a quarterly educational journal designed to equip construction subcontractors and specialty trade contractors with the ideas, tools and tactics they need to thrive. Contractor's Compass Website.

Discounts on Business Services

Local Programs

Staples Office Supplies Program:

ASA of AZ Announces the Staples Office Supplies Program. ASA of AZ worked with Expense Reduction Analysts to set up the program unique to the ASA of Arizona chapter. The program offers over 400 office supply items on contract at prices ranging from 5-90% off list. Over 80,000 other items are discounted at up to 65% off list. Staples is now able to provide a variety of items that every business needs including promotional items, business office furniture, technology, janitorial supplies including industrial cleaners, breakroom supplies, etc. all at great discounts for ASA of AZ member companies. There is no cost to participate in this program. Pricing is confidential to ASA member companies and will be emailed to you. To register for the Staples Office Supply Program, click here OR call 602-274-8979.

ASAdvantage Guide:

Exclusive to ASA members, the ASAdvantage guide offers significant discounts designed specifically for the unique needs of the construction specialty contractor. New benefit programs are added continuously to meet ASA member needs. The most up-to-date list can be found in the ASAdvantage guide under the "Members Only Home" section at but currently include:

  • Safety Materials and Compliance Management
  • Fuel/Automotive Services
  • Project Management/Documentation
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications Solutions
  • Human Resource Management/Employee Benefits
  • Financial Management
  • Tax Credit Program Administrator
  • Bidding
  • Office Supplies and Services

We encourage you to check out these ASAdvantage participating providers first when making purchasing decisions for your business.

The product and service descriptions within the ASAdvantage guide highlight some (but not all) of each program's benefits. Members… Do you need more detailed information? Please call the numbers listed under each program or ASA at (703) 684-3450.

Business Relationships & Networking

ASA of Arizona regularly hosts social events and other opportunities for ASA members, their employees, and industry peers to get together and do important networking and build lasting working relationships. Take a look at the ASA of Arizona calendar to see what is coming up!

ASA of Arizona offers four classifications of membership:

  • Regular Member: A regular member is any person, firm or corporation that in the normal conduct of business furnishes subcontract labor and/or materials to the construction industry or provides a service to such subcontractors or material suppliers and that is otherwise a member in good standing. Regular members must also maintain in good standing, current licenses as required by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.
  • Associate Member: An associate member is any person, firm or corporation that in the normal conduct of business furnishes materials or products, services and/or benefit programs to members of the construction industry and/or to the association and/or its members and is not licensed, or required to be, by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and that is otherwise a member in good standing.
  • Honorary Member: The Board of Directors, upon majority vote, may bestow honorary membership on any individual that merits this distinct honor. Honorary membership is a lifetime membership with the Association's dues being waived. (Special approval required)
  • Sustaining Member: Any person, firm or corporation that voluntarily contributes funds to the Association shall be considered a sustaining member. Sustaining membership are renewable annually. (Special approval required)

Architects, engineers, general contractors, construction managers and construction owners are not eligible for membership in any of the above classifications other than as an honorary or sustaining member.

All regular and associate members of the association must also belong and pay membership dues to the American Subcontractors Association, Inc., headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, in accordance with procedures established by ASA and ASA of Arizona bylaws. Application and approval for membership is governed by protocol established by our Board of Directors.

Members are billed annually for dues to coincide with the dues cycle of the national headquarters' fiscal year, July 1 through June 30. Membership fees for new members joining throughout the year will be prorated. Renewal invoices for membership will be sent out approximately one to two months prior to the fiscal year end to allow you enough time to send your payment in for processing.

Members in good standing with current dues payment will have online access to both our state and national websites; as appropriate, you will be assigned a password/login for "Members Only" sections. All members are eligible for any benefits and/or programs offered by our national affiliates through the ASA national office.

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