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This is a benefit available to all ASA of Arizona contractor members. If you need employees, inquire information at ally@lmgnow.com or asasupport@asa-az.org.

"Do more than belong: participate." - William Arthur Ward

At ASA we realize that the interests, passion and skillset of every member varies and there's not a "one size fits all" approach to organizing committees, developing programs, or planning events to engage members and stimulate collaboration. As times and the business environment change, the interests, needs, and available time of our members change. In my experience, however, one common thread remains the same for most — enthusiasm for connecting with your association community peers and collaborating for the betterment of the industry as a whole. Be involved. If you haven't given it consideration lately, here are some ways that you can leave your impression and help ASA serve the needs of Arizona's construction industry.

Leadership: Bring your life and industry experience to our leadership team. We currently have open seats on the ASA Board of Directors for contractor members. This governance team represents a diverse cross-section of the membership, a variety of trades, small and large companies. The Board typically meets every other month on the 4th Thursday of the month from 7:30-9:30 AM.

Marketing Team: Is marketing your thing? This task force collaborates and brainstorms to develop new, effective and meaningful ways to promote the association, elevate the construction industry image, promote construction as a career, engage members, promote member benefits and attract new members. The team meets via conference call on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 1:00-1:30 PM with in-person meetings scheduled as appropriate.

Membership Committee: Are you a people-person passionate about ASA and think everyone should be a member? Of course, then you should join this committee to collaborate on identifying prospective members, recruiting new members, and encouraging current members to engage and participate. It's a great way to market your own company too. This team meets via conference call weekly at 11:00 AM for 20-30 minutes with quarterly in-person meetings.

ON THE DRAWING BOARD ... Let us know if these programs would interest you. We'd appreciate your feedback.

Commercial Contractors Forum: Similar in format to our Residential Contractors Forum, this group would meet in an off cycle from ASA's Partners In Construction to provide a forum for commercial contractors to discuss the current business environment, industry trends and challenges, engage with agencies like ADOSH and DOL, as well as identify discussion topics to bring to the quarterly Partners In Construction meeting with ASA's General Contractor partners. Meeting date/time/frequency TBD based on member interest. Leadership opportunities available.

Women's Peer Group: Known as "She Builds It" in some ASA chapters, the purpose of this peer group model is to create a forum for dialogue among women who own, manage, and work for trade contracting firms, build relationships with other female contractors, collaborate on strategies to overcome workplace challeges, and be a resource for connecting and mentoring women within ASA's construction community. Meeting date/time/frequency TBD based on member interest. Leadership opportunities available.

Ready to jump in and take a more active role in ASA? Feel free to call me or Edel Stein in our office about any of these opportunities at (602)274-8979.



Dear ASA Members,

August always feels like a time of transition. While in many ways we are still in the thick of summer, kids are headed back to school and those earliest leaves have started to touch the ground. Times of transition are always an opportunity to look forward, and I am glad that we at ASA are doing just that. In a year that has been like no other, new beginnings are always exciting....


Thank You Senator Karen Fann, for supporting the Subcontractors of Arizona!


Arizonans for Fair Contracting

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Dear ASA Members, August always feels like a time of transition. While in many ways we are still in the

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