ASA’s 1st Annual Big Kahuna Classic Extended Until May 15th!

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Back on April 5th, I sent out an email for our first NON-EVENT fundraiser. We also sent formal invitations out to the primary contact at each member firm AND followed up just recently with a letter. Evidently the idea of a NON-EVENT has been confusing. If you have ever been part of a fundraising committee you know that asking for money and/or motivating enough people to attend an event to raise the needed funds can be daunting. So we wanted to do something different.

What is a NON-EVENT fundraiser? It’s an “event” that raises money but doesn’t really have to exist or take place. The concept is to save guests and the organization both time and money by not going through the trouble of an actual event.

With fun in mind, ASA decided to hold our first NON-EVENT — a tongue-in-cheek fundraiser with a new twist — the “1st Annual Big Kahuna Classic – Surf Competition in the Dessert.” No beach, no board, no problem. Instead of dragging you out to an event and yet another rubber chicken dinner you’d rather avoid, our request is simple: stay home, relax and instead make a donation equal to what you would spend to attend or sponsor an “in-person” event to enter our fantasy surf competition. We’ll even give you a cool surfer name and post how gnarly you are on our special “non-event” web page as an important somebody who’s NOT attending. Get it now? Life is way too serious and we all work too hard, so we may as well have a little fun. Surf’s UP! With just a few clicks of your mouse you can be as gnarly as Scott “White Lightening” Petre (fearless into the big tubes), Chuck “DaBull” Haskins (big dude for a short board), or Clint “Ain’t Over til it’s Over” Overton (believes in ridin’ it to the beach). Who’s your inner dude … or dudette?

Every donation supports ASA advocacy efforts and makes a difference! But we think our timing may have been a little off – during tax season – so we are extending the Big Kahuna Classic to May 15th. We need your support and contribution to continue to press forward with efforts to change law to establish proportional liability in private construction contracts. You can make your donation and “officially enter” the Big Kahuna Classic front and center on our secure web site at using your credit card – just look for the lawn chair and beach umbrella. Donations can be made with either personal or corporate funds since this is not a PAC fundraiser. We are thinking big, like a monster wave, but any amount you can donate is greatly, greatly appreciated. We are getting ready to post the names of our first gnarly competitors, so don’t miss the fun. You will have my deepest appreciation and a really cool nickname.

Thanks for your support … and hang loose!

Carol Floco, CEO

American Subcontractors Association of Arizona, Inc.

4105 N. 20th Street, Suite 230

Phoenix, AZ 85016

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