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Are you registered for the Legal Roundtable on Wednesday, March 21, 2018?

Join Michael J. Holden, from Holden Willits, PLC., as he presents, “Are You Maximizing Your Rights Under Arizona’s Prompt Pay Law?” The 2010 Prompt Pay Law Amendments expanded the protections for subcontractors. This roundtable will discuss the various provisions in the Prompt Pay Law that directly benefit subcontractors and focus on how subcontractors can fully protect their payment rights under Arizona law. Topics will include:

  • Enforceability of Subcontract terms that conflict with the Prompt Pay Law
  • Subcontractor’s rights to stop work for payment
  • Remedies in the event that you do not get paid timely
  • Notices that a subcontractor is entitled to receive when your pay application is reduced
  • Impact of Prompt Pay on Subcontractor Pay-if-Paid clause

Attorney Michael J. Holden is a long-time member of ASA of Arizona and one of the primary drafters of Arizona’s Prompt Pay Law. Register today for this member’s only event! Seating is limited so make sure you reserve your seat. Event details can be found below. Questions? Call Edel Stein at the ASA office at (602) 274-8979.

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